Philanthropy at Lancaster

慈善和赞助使CQ9电子游戏平台能够促进和增强CQ9电子游戏平台所做的事情, 帮助CQ9电子游戏平台推动CQ9电子游戏平台的贡献,让世界变得更美好,改善CQ9电子游戏平台的社会.

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Please can you support our medical students?


Medical Student Hardship Fund

了解更多支持CQ9电子游戏平台的方式, and to make a donation, please click here.

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  • Defying Dementia


  • Support Your College

    Join The College 1000 and support your Lancaster College. 您可以使CQ9电子游戏平台提供改变人生的教育机会,并为CQ9电子游戏平台的学生创造一个支持性的环境.

  • Scholarships and Opportunity

    通过捐赠奖学金和机会,你可以帮助CQ9电子游戏平台鼓励来自弱势家庭的学生, 资助年轻的研究人员,让学生在经济困难的情况下继续学习.

  • LUMS Investors in Excellence Campaign

    By becoming a LUMS Investor in Excellence, you can support Lancaster University Management School, our students and researchers, across a number of projects.

  • The Greatest Need Fund

    该活动旨在资助改善学生大学生活体验的项目, 以及以大学为基础的项目和倡议,以增加学术资源和卓越.

  • Lancaster Sanctuary Fellowship

    这是一项紧急运动,旨在帮助那些因冲突而无法开展工作的学者, violence or oppression in their home country.

What your Donations can Achieve

Donor Roll of Honour

Recognising our supporters


  • Students, regardless of their background or financial means
  • The growth of our research capabilities
  • The development of new pioneering facilities across campus

To find out more please visit our philanthropists' page.


Our Student Call Team


Introducing our Student Call Team!

CQ9游戏朋友计划是一项从2001年开始的长期筹款计划. 它的目的是从CQ9电子游戏平台的校友和朋友那里筹集资金,以支持CQ9电子游戏平台校园和更广泛的社区的一些重要的事业,包括...

  • Ground-breaking research, such as our Defying Dementia research
  • Student scholarships
  • Support for at-risk academics - the Lancaster Sanctuary Fellowship

CQ9电子游戏平台的学生呼叫团队在学期期间联系校友,以更新校友的详细信息, 比较CQ9游戏的经验,让校友们意识到大学正在支持的奇妙的事业.

Please visit our student call team page 了解更多关于呼叫团队所做的伟大工作,并支持他们.

Santander Universities

The International Santander Universities network

CQ9电子游戏平台是国际桑坦德大学网络的一部分, 哪些专门为教育机构提供融资和支持. 自2011年桑坦德大学和CQ9电子游戏平台签署协议以来,该大学已经提供了800多英镑,000 directly to students. These funds are distributed through...

  • Scholarship Support
  • Mobility scholarships and awards
  • Support for entrepreneurial activities

To find out more please visit our Santander Universities page.


Support from Overseas


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Fundraising Promise

CQ9电子游戏平台致力于确保CQ9电子游戏平台的筹款是合法的, open, honest and respectful.

This can be viewed from our Fundraising Promise and Formal Complaints Process page.